The Moving Picture Girls E-KÖNYV

The Moving Picture Girls E-KÖNYV leírása

Actor Hosmer DeVere and his daughters Ruth and Alice struggle to make ends meet while Mr. DeVere is between theatrical engagements. Things look up when he wins a leading role in an upcoming play, but he is suddenly afflicted with hoarseness just before the play opens. When his voice does not improve, he loses his role in the play and must seek other work. Russ Dalwood, a friend to Ruth and Alice, suggests that Mr. DeVere join his film company as an actor in the moving pictures. Considering the moving pictures to be vulgar and cheap, he refuses until the situation has become critical and the family is served with an eviction notice. Mr. DeVere gives in and accepts the job at the film company. Over time, Alice and Ruth also gain positions with the film company where they experience many adventures and help Russ prevent thieves from stealing his newly invented film stabilizer from him.
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