Just Who Does This Child Take After?

Just Who Does This Child Take After? leírása

"When I was little and clever, and kind and pretty everyone knew who I looked like…
Now that I’m big and crazy and insolent and stupid, they just sit and sigh and wonder: Just who does this child take after?!"

This is how Éva Janikovszky’s teenage hero complains to readers, and if those readers happen to have hit teenage recently, then they’ll get plenty of laughs out of the kind of things that grown-ups keep going on about. On the other hand, should they have survived this troublesome period and gone on to be parents themselves, they will delight in discovering that they are not the only ones battling with teenage kids.
This bestselling book still never fails to raise a smile with its fresh prose and comical illustrations. Times may be changing but one thing never will: those terrible teens!

Translated by: Andrew C. Rouse
Illustrated by László Réber

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