Hungary inside and out

Puzzles and riddles sprinkled with curiosities

Hungary inside and out leírása

A unique combination of country studies, cultural knowledge, and language basics that will deepen your love for Hungary.
- A detailed introduction to Hungary's history, culture, and language. Equipped with a glossary for beginners!
- A fun way of learning thanks to a variety of riddles, puzzles, and tests.
- Follow our lead through 10 chapters and explore this soulful country located in the heart of Europe!
- Amusing anecdotes, oddities, and cross-cultural peculiarities for those not only interested in learning the language but also in learning about Hungary.
- Ideal for autodidactic learners. Check your solutions with the answer key and improve your Hungarian pronunciation with the Pronunciation Guide!
- Perfect complementary book for classroom learning.
This book is recommended for beginner-level (A1) students.
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  • Klett Kiadó
  • Nyelvkönyv, szótár
  • 128 oldal
  • Kötés: puhatáblás ragasztott
  • ISBN: 9786155258787
  • Cikkszám: 1025886
  • Nyelv: angol - magyar
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